Thursday, 14 August 2008

Meeting with Matt O'Connor and Nick Langford

Met Matt and Nick Langford for the first time in a coffee house in Winchester.

Matt wanted to check me out, hear my story, check I was who I said I was etc.

It was inspirational to meet him and although I was not a fan of his self-confessed dictatorial style of leadership, I thought that this was a man with his heart in the right place.  We talked about what was going on now and his vision for the future of F4J.

Nick said very little, but I had already read Family Justice on Trial and had immediate respect for the time effort and detail that he had put into it.

We got kicked out the coffee house because it was closing, so went back to Matt's place.  Everywhere there were momentoes of previous stunts and demonstrations and the place looked 'busy'.

We discussed my personal situation and both of them gave me advice on how to progress with regards my children.

On conclusion of our meeting Matt kindly offered me a copy of his book,  'Fathers 4 Justice - The inside story', which I asked him to sign.

The inscription read:

"To Tim,  

You are a credit and an inspiration. I hope you find peace and reconciliation with your children and begin your lives again.

Best wishes

Matt O'Connor"

I went away from the meeting 'pumped up' and far more positive about the future than I had for a long time.  I was glad that I had joined F4J and felt part of something that could not only improve my situation but the futures of lots of others too.