Friday, 5 September 2008

Forum Post - Matt's announcement that he's killing F4J

Fathers 4 Justice To End Campaign 

The founder of Fathers 4 Justice (F4J) announced today that the organisation would close this month for reasons which had made the future of the campaign untenable.  (Struggling to see what make the future of the campaign untenable)

Matt O'Connor, who started the group in 2002, said that the campaign was planned to last three years but had continued because of the demand from desperate parents. He said it was the most profoundly difficult decision that he had ever made. 

The organisation briefly closed in 2006 after allegations that there was a plot to kidnap the Prime Minister's son. 

Initially the group were going to end their pastoral care services this month, but O'Connor has since said that after discussions with his children, assessing the current campaign situation and the continuing and impossible demands of juggling campaigning with his other commitments, the 'crusade for justice' could not continue. 

Said O'Connor today, 'I have been privileged to work with some truly heroic people. I have volunteered six years of my life to this ministry, doing service and helping other dads, mums and grandparents. But the day has now come for me to put my family first.'

'I hope people will respect my decision to get back to being a father to my children and that other visionaries will emerge to create new groups and continue this historic ministry. We need new blood, new ideas and new vision.'

'I share with everyone, a deep sense of sadness, profound regret and frustration, that the change we have pursued, has been achingly slow to arrive. I want to get my life back away from the campaign and media spotlight.' (Is this it? 1 man needs time away so the whole campaign has to end???)

O'Connor has been working on a new commercial project with his eldest children and other members of his family. The F4J Forum will continue until August 2009 or until a transitional help service is provided. F4J will announce details of this shortly.