Friday, 27 May 2005

Re: I'm off too...

From: Michael 
Date: Fri, 27 May 2005 23:39:00 +0100
Subject: Re: I'm off too...


Thanks for replying so quickly. The argument you bring
forward with regards to Matt's talent and contribution is
without a doubt true. Only a fool would argue that F4J
would have got as far as it has without Matt.

Nevertheless we are dealing with people's life and that of
their children and their aspirations. We are very close to
the Promised Land. We came a long way and contributing
it solely to Matt as if he is God is in my view a mistake. Many
people, good people put much effort to this assent including
you and the brave act you committed. It wasn't one man, it
was our willingness to do his bidding without questioning,
without thinking about ourselves and consequences of our
actions first. There are many good men in this organisation
who had laboured behind the scene, risking their livelihood
and freedom as we witness recently and had little credit for
their endeavours, little rewards and little in return when you
considering the fact that some individuals in the top F4J had
never done more then risking their launch appointments.

Further, it is not accepted that other individuals are caught with
their hands in the till, and Matt is trying to silence those of had
the decency and courage to bring this mater to the attention of
the group. In addition, he smears them with allegations that
they are `working for the enemy, the press'. If Chris
Hawkins does work for the press, at least he doses his job properly
by exposing corruption and wrong doings sussesfully.

History teaches us that leaders who cannot be questioned or
challenged do commit mistakes and worse, start believing in
their own immortality. Well, sadly none of us is irreplaceable
including me, you and Matt.

I will have no part in what I consider to be wrong or worse
corruption and bullyboy tactics.

Take care and I hope you get to see your kids soon as I wish
it for the rest of us too.


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