Saturday, 28 May 2005

Re: I wasn't pushed - I jumped

Date: Sat, 28 May 2005 01:11:51 +0100


I'm glad that you have been able to see the light at long last

When I was advocating what you have said below and a lot
more in the middle of last year F4J members just rubbished
me saying it was `sour grapes' and I was full of shit. I
am still waiting for these scumbags to say it to my face and
they will have the opportunity again on the 17th, but they
won't cos they know I was right. Those who said that are only
in it for themselves or too busy getting stoned on F4J demos
and it being swept under the carpet. Those dead beat dads
amongst us are a liability to our cause & to every decent parent
and grandparent who at one time believed F4J was a good thing. 
Not only as the egotistics and drug addicts of the Fascists, sorry,
Fathers 4 Justice let the respectable members of the organization
down they have also let our children down.

F4J could have brought about something really good but not for
certain personalities, whom I don't have to mention, it as
failed. Well done you pricks and shame on you. Tick tock tick
tock time is running out Matt & co.

I'm off to America tomorrow for a nice little holiday and to
spread the word about the real F4J and to pass the word round not to
send money to Matt or F4J because nobody knows where it goes. 
Remember in April 2003 at the meeting in Bristol when Matt told
us that the organization had received a `5 figure donation'
well that was not declared through companies house and not on
F4J's accounts. What are you doing with the money Matt?

How is your own company doing!

Matt is a liability folks and can't be trusted and at long last
people are starting to see through him. We can't have a dead
beat dad in charge of this organization and it is up to you, the
members to do something about it. If I was you I would hit Matt
where it hurts and that's his pocket and cancel your membership
but remain a supporter of the aims of F4J. The arsehole won't
even get on a roof himself but instead wants ordinary members
to do it and when they go to prison just fucks them off. Come
`ed folks wake up to him and stop being used.

To the tune of `London Bridge is falling down' : `F4J is
falling down falling down falling down. F4J is falling down poor
old Matty'.

Take care and see you on the 17th.


PS Has anyone seen some ladies £500!

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