Monday, 14 July 2008

The day I joined Fathers 4 Justice

It was nearly a year since I had last seen my 3 girls. I had got nowhere since the day my wife suddenly announced that I could no longer see them. An attempt to get a Contact Order had resulted in the judge generously allowing me to write once a month and to send small gifts at appropriate times. He said that any contact was meaningful contact. I am not sure how this can be, when I have not had one reply to any of my letters.

I felt helpless, depressed, heartbroken and was beginning to feel a complete failure. I looked for a vehicle that could help and after looking at various organisations I decided to join Fathers 4 Justice.

I had looked at F4J back in May 2006, but there seemed to be a fair amount of controversy surrounding the group and it had recently been shut down by it's founder, Matt O'Connor because of an apparent plot to kidnap Tony Blair's son Leo.

But now their website looked professional, their presentation was good, they offered some helpful looking documents and access to their forum as well as being a group actively involved in direct action and campaigning to get our outrageous laws changed. I thought the £30 joining fee would be a small price to pay if they could help me see my kids again.