Thursday, 17 July 2008

Re: Please, I need someone to talk to about my situation and what to do next


Seen your e mail that was forwarded by Richard Adams.

Just writing to let you know that you are quite wrong re my F4J activity not helping me see my kids unitl they were 16. 

Throughout my years of protest over not seeing my kids, because I made the news on a regular basis, locally and nationally, each kid retained the knowledge that I wanted to see them, loved them and was fighting for them. 

Of course, I still dragged the ex to court on every single occasion, (133 times to be precise) just to keep that knowledge firmily in their minds too. 

My youngest was 11 when she ran away with the 16 year old. 

If you do nothing other than piss about with CAFCASS, MacKenzie friends, waiting for Judges to take your ex on for you, then the months and years of not seeing your kids that follow will turn into children that think you no longer care, are n't bothered about them and they get alienated. Then you are fucked. 

You won't get any form of justice in a family court, they won't enforce jack shit upon your ex., no matter how good a case you might have, so don';t go there with any false illusions. 

If you are genuine about becoming an activist, best get stuck in asap WHILE you go through the nonsense of the family courts. And of course, if you are up to protest, the ex will not be able to avoid talking about your antics in front of the kids, which helps keep your love for them fresh in their minds each day. 

Mark Harris.