Sunday, 7 September 2008

3rd Reply from Mark - Re: New F4J

Matt CANNOT kill the name off-what's he going to do, pass a law forbidding the term Fathers 4 Justice? Think about it...... Don't pander to his ego either as it makes him worse. 

The very worst thing ANYONE can do-and I've known Matt for years-is to try and chase after him. 

This is the THIRD time he's done this, not the second that's reported (2002, 2006 & now) if he sees it going on without him he'll soon be back-trust me on this one. 

Are you planning another stunt? If so, you'll get 100% backing this time, none of this 'unofficial protest' shit. The day you were up on Thorpe's roof I fell out with him over his crap approach to what you were doing.