Tuesday, 9 September 2008

The Scottish Sun - Stunts don't do fathers justice

SELF-PUBLICISING muppet Matt O’Connor has disbanded the ridiculous Fathers4Justice.

Not before time, too. His stupid stunts did nothing to advance the cause of dads heartbroken by custody issues over their kids.

And the horrible incident that O’Connor claims forced his hand says everything about the need for someone serious to take up the baton on behalf of these poor guys.

Brian Philcox decided he would rather gas his kids in his Land Rover than not see them. I wrote at the time that I hope he rots in hell and that opinion stands.

That three-year-old boy and his seven-year-old sister played no part in their parents’ dispute. Yet they paid the ultimate price.

It would be wrong to suggest Fathers4Justice had anything to do with their deaths. But it did nothing to make dads like Philcox realise cries for help — from parading around on roofs in fancy dress to far, far worse — do nothing to ease their plight.

Yes, the law needs to ensure estranged dads aren’t just there to be cash machines and doormats.

But while we wait for that day, let’s remember we’re also not here to be martyrs.