Sunday, 7 September 2008

4th Email to Mark - Re: New F4J

Hi Mark, 

Apparently he holds copyright over the name and the intellectual property rights. 

I was trying to shame him into not throwing all his toys out of the pram and have told him that I don’t understand him giving to the cause selflessly over a number of years and then killing it in a way which I can only describe as selfish.  I haven’t got anywhere – but at least I tried.  Have also let him know that I am pissed off at paying £30 for a years membership, buying tee-shirts and merchandise and paying to get a banner made which I was told must have the web address on it and which I intended to use again  – only for him to kill it. 

I know you’re angry – that is obvious, so am I – I feel let down because I pinned my loyalty to something I thought was there for the long haul. 

He probably didn’t support my stunt because he hadn’t thought of it.  I had applied to be an activist when I joined and I got a reply back saying this: 

Dear Sir

 We do keep records of everyone who wishes to be an activist. We do not have any plans at the moment to do anything. We will keep your name on file in the meantime, thank you. 

Kind regards

F4J Office

 I just thought to myself WHAT THE ????????????  I thought this was a direct action group.  So fuck em I’m doing it anyway.  In any case I had support from F4J SW.  Perhaps you giving him shit was why he was talking to me every hour on the phone.  He did tell me on the Friday that he would come down on the Saturday, but he didn’t in the end..

With regards to stunts – I have some ideas, but I think some sort of co-ordinated large stunt to let people know we are very much still here and to act as a kind of re-launch would be a way to go.  I have an idea I’d like to discuss that I think would make a decent impact and yet would result in few or no arrests, cause a fair amount of disruption, have the authorities running around like headless chickens, while at the same time being good fun too (a lot more interesting that sitting on a roof lol).

Mark – no one is in any doubt that this must continue, but I think we need to be more organised.

I think it was you who said to me a couple of months ago ‘nothing is coordinated in F4J’

IMO that’s nuts – we can be much more effective if we work together as a team and get a bit of excitement and momentum going again.  100’s even 1000’s at protests make people sit up and take note.  It’s how we get back to those sort of numbers, but I  the entire website, which if it’s not illegal would be simplicity to get back up and running.