Monday, 22 September 2008

F4J is Dead - The Last Word (In Matt's words)

(WARNING - This post contains foul language throughout)

F4J is Dead - The Last Word in Matt's Words 

Get this. I have had a bucket load of shit from people banging on about the F4J name which has about as much value now as a Ferrari badge on a fucking Skoda.

People who paid for some excellent publications to help them and 12 months subscription to the forum now think they 'own' part of F4J, if not all of F4J.  (Actually, most just expect to get what they paid for and not be ripped off)

People who have NOTHING to do with F4J think they own the name!

Well help yourself now boys and girls because with the people I'm about to introduce you to, it will be worth jack shit in a matter of months and you¹ll be running to distance yourself from the cretins filling the vacuum and trashing the name.

Rumours abound that somebody wants to buy the name. 'Buy' F4J. You can't place a monetary value on an idea, on a vision or an ideal. If it was about money I'd have never ploughed £50K in the first place. F4J is not and never will be for sale. F4J is over, dead, kaput.

If it was about money I'd have taken adverts from the vermin solicitors like FNF have or asked for government financial handcuffs. We never took a fucking penny. We were self supporting and were our own men.

You see so many people have now perverted the idea of F4J with charities, copycats, homophobes and god knows what else, that when you remove the guardians of the campaign you are left with a pack of jokers and wannabes stamping their own prejudices over our beautiful ideal.

We also have more founding members of F4J now than we ever had members! Fucking amazing because I can only remember one chap in East Anglia helping me out at the beginning not the hundreds of other 'founders.'

We also have people complaining that we are not:

a) a charity

b) a democracy

c) holding the dicks of all the other fathers groups that can't piss straight as an act of 'unity'.

Has nobody read what F4J bloody stood for???

Now for my sins, some bloke who joined F4J a few weeks ago, climbed a roof without telling anyone and wrote a letter, now thinks he has the right to launch into a vicious personal attack on me and then try and drag my family into it.

(Matt knew about the stunt before it happened and wanted me to phone him hourly while I was up there. F4J SW had contacted the press 3 weeks before I did the stunt and several newspapers had contacted me including the Gazette and Herald who came to my house and interviewed me.  They produced the press release below 2 weeks before the stunt.)

There was a press release 2 weeks BEFORE I did it! 

The letter I posted on the forum.

Not sure where this vicious personal attack is or any attempt to do anything to his family.  If there even is one - it didn't come from me!.

Everyone heard that he had left - but all the nastiness happened AFTER hesupposedly had.  So why?)

Hasn't anyone told him I left!

(Yes he told us that - but he hadn't and this diatribe proves it)

I gone.  I exited stage left.  Used the escape hatch.  Dropped through the trap door  au revoir, adios, ciao, or to re-arrange a popular anglo-saxon phrase so that he can understand: 'off and fuck'.

This is a bloke who by his own admission, on his arrest, was offered a bribe by the Police.

(Am trying to work out how telling him that I had been offered a bribe is bad?  He was paranoid about being infiltrated.  I suggested that as I had been bribed, it was more than likely that others had been too.  I would have thought that to any normal balanced person, telling him this would have demonstrated that I was not interested in monetry reward.  I just want to see my kids)

A man who appeared from nowhere and was removed from the forum by the moderators for more underage shit-stirring than Gary Glitter at a Vietnamese children's home.

(I decided to make this blog as a direct result of being removed by him from the forum.  Not one of my posts were ever removed.  I don't think anything I posted was controversal.  In short I don't know what he is talking about.  The only explanation I got was from 'Jenny' a few days later.  But her email is not backed up by facts)

If people aren't happy with the transition from F4J to another group at least have the cojones to get out as I did when I left FNF and set up F4J.

The reason I am writing this is so that he has something to put on his blog about me as he has threatened to 'expose' the person that probably made the biggest difference to fathers rights in the last 30 years.

Well I hate to shatter any illusions here, but get to the back of the queue of my fan club on that one and given I have left - what is he going to write about on his bitching blog  ice fucking cream cones?

I mean, anyone who can read can find out all about me in my little confessional tome from last year.

The reality is that homophobic hermaphrodites like this with their shrivelled testicles and over hydrated imaginations spend more time attacking their own people and banging out to internet porn than they do fighting for their kids.

Is that going to be their contribution to the fathers movement eh? Fucking harassing me and my family with their vicious, nasty attacks. Their kids will be so proud of them.

This chap, who nobody has ever really heard of, has now resorted to the sort of threats and intimidation that me and my family have had to endure for the last 6 years and provide ample evidence why I was right to leave this movement. No wonder all the talent has abandoned ship it is because of people like them.

(I haven't made threats and I haven't intimidated anyone - it was somewhat the other way around)

And why? Because this guy was asked to show some respect to key people in this movement, people who should deserve and command some acknowledgement yet during the five minutes since this chaps arrival on the scene just weeks ago, he now thinks he is some oracle and expert on this movement and condemns me for being a liability and idiot.

Yes, I agree. Idiot for trying to help road-side faeces like him.

Further he resorts to the same tired old 'drunken' smears which given I am virtually tee total demonstrates his comprehensive ignorance of me, but I have to ask what is he imbibing given his dysfucktional behaviour? A pint of bitter and twisted?

And how dare these people speculate about my private life and personal relationships.

You know nothing about my private life. Just because I ran F4J it doesn't mean you own a piece of me or have a right to comment on my private life in the same way I don't have a right to comment on yours.

As one man, you encapsulate everything that threatens to condemn this movement to history. Men consumed by a fatal cocktail of arrogance and bitterness who seek to rubbish anyone who disagrees with them.

They know fuck all. They have no idea.

You think this was easy? You think this was a great gig? What about the copycats that promised so much? Where did their money go when they were struck off at Companies House?

What credibility did they have? What about their media skills, their strategy, their organisation? All those 'genius' people that run off or were kicked out never to be seen again?

We ran the best campaign group in the world.

It was the slickest, fastest moving campaign model that anyone had ever seen - £11.75million of coverage on a budget of £250 in just one recent demo, leader comments in the Sun, widespread support, a household name on the front pages of every newspaper in this country and you think you can lecture me on how we can do it better?

In thirty years nobody else has even come close and all you can fucking do is put up a hateful blog and some fence posts.

So what fucked up bullshit is going in this blog eh? What answers will you give people, what hope will you supply to the needy, what help will you provide to the desperate as you chase people like me away from doing anything to help those that deserve it.

You ain't helping anyone are you? People like you don't want to help other dads or the kids  you bullshit merchants, Mister Whippy's and coprophiliacs just want to shit on the faces of people that tried to make a difference.

You don't know what its been like to walk five steps in my shoes let alone 6 fucking years, to give up time with my kids to fight for people like you, to give up my career to deal with the shit and flack and sit in the fucking hot seat and take the death threats, threats to my family's safety, shit from the government on one hand and people like you on the other  you couldn't do one fucking jot of what we did big boy in the last six years because you couldn't handle it because you can't take one jot of criticism without resorting to vilifying the people responsible.

People like you are the reason why this movement has been crippled. You are the enemy within, the scum on the fungus of infighting, doing the governments work, dividing people not uniting them, creating chaos where we had discipline and order  if people like you had been left with any say the movement would never have got off the fucking runway.

We would have crashed and burnt on take off.

I can only hope and pray that men of hate like you will be consumed by your own perverted views before you extinguish the last vestiges of hope, strangling the talent and optimism out of this movement through your actions, spreading like cancer through the movement.

You see with the fuck-up merchants of misery and the homophobics, I see everything that fucked this mission up. Our biggest challenge wasn't HM government  it was people like these who did there best to bring me down and wreck Fathers 4 Justice since day one.

People with grudges, names to trash, characters to assassinate, axes to grind, prejudices to bear, women haters, homophobics, Mattophobics, books to sell, egos to feed, the deluded fantasists that think that they can do better. You reckon eh?

Are you going to change the world with yet another blog slagging off Matt O¹Connor?

Whose next? Did you blog about how much you hate your ex-wife? Did that make you feel better? What about the next person who pisses you off, they next? What about your kids  are you going to turn on them next?

Is that the some total of your talent? To join the haters and slaggers who stalk the internet with their poisonous barbs? Just listen to that hate, how it overwhelms and kills off the spirit of Fathers 4 Justice - the spirit of hope, of justice and equality.

What place does hate have in an organisation of hope?

(It doesn't O'Connor. Have I posted anything hateful?  anything like this? This is the only hateful thinkg I have seen since I became a member and it came from you!  All I have done and am going to continue to do, is to expose you for the fraud that you are, the lies you have told, the threats you have made, the money you have taken from the vulnerable and the continual bullshit you feed the papers and anyone else that will listen.  The people that you take for a ride and lie to have a right to know what you're really like.)

Matt O'Connor this, Matt O'Connor that, drunk, fucked up, criminal whatever else you want to throw at me you fuckwit. You know NOTHING.

I'll settle for my kids and my family, my career, the accolades and acknowledgements afforded to me during these last six years because whatever you think of me I was the the only person stupid enough to do the job and make the sacrifices that needed to be made.

Because unlike others I NEVER walked away. I never went 'I'm alright Jack' as just about every other dad has once their case is sorted, no I started something AFTER my case was sorted. I gave my life, my soul, my heart and nearly my sanity to helping people like you.

This Matt O'Connor gave you something you could never have imagined and may well never see again in your lifetime, but I was also a man who was privileged to work with some amazingingly brave and talented people, people we will recognise on the new archived web site. People who made this journey an historic adventure.

Dear all, it is because of scum like this that if I could have burnt F4J down to the ground I would have because I never want to be associated with the people like this.

The kids of these dads must feel real proud of their fathers and the contribution they are making in fucking up and wrecking six years progress and taking the hope we gave fathers and crushing it to dust and bitterness.

To everyone else, left clinging to the wreckage, if you give these people the time of day, if you allow them to fester or prevail, then this movement faces total wipeout.

FNF is discredited, F4J is on the ocean floor where it rightly belongs and the copycat groups and people like this are trampling the name and reputation we left behind.

There has never been a more critical moment in the history of this movement in this country.

Do not let these men of hate and bullshit prevail over the men of hope, keep that flame alive, keep hope burning, keep shining the light into the darkness of the secret courts and never let bastards like this grind you down because one day hope will prevail and dreams of justice will become a reality.

Finally, if I have learnt one lesson in this journey, it is that I also need to change. I cannot afford to start becoming like my enemy or the men of hate. I need time out to rediscover my own humanity and the forgiveness that I talk about but am struggling to find in myself. I find it profoundly difficult when people involve my family and I need to spare them from the actions of people like this and I hope each of you understands how difficult this has been for some of us, but that it must be done for their sakes as much as my own.

In my local garage this morning a young man behind the counter had read an article in a paper about us  you and me and the good people in F4J - and he said 'I had no idea it was you, respect mate, respect.'

Shame some of the people we were campaigning for never afforded F4J the same love and recognition and that¹s why as founder and guardian of the values and ethos of F4J, I did what needed to be done.

F4J is dead.

Long live F4J.

Roll on the Union.

I'll miss many of you and thanks for the great memories. Keep the pressure on and the flag flying. I'm off now to build my new project and walk again in the sunlight.


Matt O'Connor