Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Forum post - To the Fathers Movement - from Matt O'Connor

To the Fathers Movement,

To the people trying to tear me and my family down, who have used children in a way to attack me that no Judge or lawyer has ever done; god forgive you for what you have done.

To those who attack and rail at me; devote your energies now to tearing down the system, not the person who did the most in a lifetime (with the help of others), to do exactly that.

To the people complaining I have gone, you wanted me gone, so here is your opportunity to demonstrate what you can do.

To the people hung up on the name, move on. You can't sail a ship without a captain or fly a plane without a pilot. The name will be torn to a million pieces and tarnished beyond recognition. It has already begun.

To the Americans, free your country of your neutered leadership and it's phony, criminal legitimacy. It is a perversion of everything I ever stood for. Rid yourself of charity and commit to direct action or condemn the next generation. Please, for America's children, do not squander the rest of the US Election. They are counting on you...

To the Canadians, unite behind Kris Titus and follow her to the ends of God's earth.

To those in the UK, get behind those who speak with fairness and balance and of new ways forward. Focus on the construction of a new vehicle, move forward - nobody gives a damn about the badge, or what you wear - it is the people underneath that matter.

To those who continue to stamp, twist and pervert the name, what worth is it? It will become a millstone around your necks within 6 months as it did before and it will reduce our legacy to a laughing stock in the press. Respect my original vision of a 3 year campaign with a beginning, middle and end. Be grateful it endured as it did.

Take the best of you, knit together the fabric of a new campaign and leave the worst of you to fester in their bitterness and anger.

I don't just have faith in you. My children do, and they thank you for starting something that will create a more powerful entity to complete the work F4J was unable to do.

So rise up, stand up, reach up and grasp the lightening rod of change. Join the men of change, the men of justice who work in that ministry and speak of integrity and fairness.

Stand together with them and you will be as strong as the foundations I tried to set down during my service.

And if I had a dying wish it would be to ensure that with every passing day, those that work in the Devil¹s Labyrinth that is the family justice system, are reminded what damage they do when they pervert the course of true justice.

Of that I pray, we would all agree.

Matt O'Connor
Founder, Fathers 4 Justice