Saturday, 6 September 2008

Email to Mark Harris Re: New F4J

Hi Mark, 

You know I have a great deal of respect for you, but, I think this is too much of a knee jerk reaction.  Please wait a couple of days and see what the fallout is like first. 

The one thing this movement needs is unity.  F4J is already a shadow of its former self.  The last splinter group has achieved little or nothing.  This thing is just too big to just be stopped – it is global and it MUST continue.  There are plenty of us with the passion to continue the fight. 

I can understand and support the reasons behind Matt ceasing his involvement, but I strongly disagree with him unilaterally disbanding F4J when it affects so many people. 

Whatever happens over the next couple of days – we MUST come out of this united, otherwise our effectiveness as an organisation will be damaged and any credibility we do have will be diluted. 

A couple of days can’t hurt can it? 

Best regards,