Saturday, 6 September 2008

Forum post - From Matt

Hi Guys and Girls,

A huge thanks to everyone for their support and contributions over the last six-years. I have done six years service in Dads' Army and I'm afraid that I simply cannot cope with all the demands F4J requires from me when I have three young boys and other paying work commitments.

Six years of voluntary work has cost me a fxxking fortune and my 'public' reputation is actually very damaging and distracting from my paying work. I am sick of the number of times recently when business people have said 'Are you that guy from F4J?'

That was all great in the early days and maybe I should have used a stage name instead for the campaign!

The campaigning MUST continue and it is now down to you guys to step up to the plate and get on with it without me.

We need new blood, a new name and a new start - the problem is that if the name is used then I will continue to be drawn back into it by the media and that really is something I want to avoid.

I'll be supplying behind the scenes advice to a handful of people if they desperately need it and the help and support will continue as Nick Langford will continue to make an historic contribution. Hopefully him and Kip can sort something out.

I'd also suggest somebody starts organising (Tim Line/Jolly?) (Is this the same Tim Line?  "A man who appeared from nowhere and was removed from the forum by the moderators for more underage shit-stirring than Gary Glitter at a Vietnamese children's home." ) and getting on with arranging a meeting to move forward.

I have tried to keep this low profile (Hmmm by talking to the Sun before he spoke to us?) and will make a few calls this weekend to help you all get the ball rolling and nail those fuckers in the family courts and government - this is unfinished business.

Go get em!