Saturday, 20 September 2008

Re:Grow up

(My comments in purple)


You were removed by us, not Matt, for flagrantly encouraging people to write in and complain about F4J on the forum. (I have never done anything of the sort and who exactly is 'us'?)

We have published numerous forum warnings over the last six months informing people on the forum they will be removed without notice if they are disruptive or cause us cause for concern. (I have every post I made right up to the time I was taken off - I will add them to this blog as and when I have time.  I will not allow these people to get away with their perverse lies)

Further, given you have been around for a very short period of time, you have treated the team behind F4J (not including Matt O'Connor) with absolute contempt and disregard and ignored their views, opinions and considerable experience. (I have had no dealings with anyone behind F4J except Nick Langford and Michael Cox and I was talking to and consulting Nick throughout, even after I had been removed from the forum, without any reason being given.  I am not going to counter these accusations with my words, I will simply add our communications for everyone to read for themselves.)

You ran roughshod over them and did your own thing without consulting anyone.  

You could have written in and asked us about your removal - you did not. (as a paying member I would have expected to have been told I had been removed and the reasons why.  Instead I contacted Nick Langford who was as surprised as me.  He looked on the membership list for me and could not even see me on the banned list.  He said "it appears you have been removed completely, it's as though you were never there") 

So in the space of just two weeks since Matt's departure (reality check - he has left to focus in his business) (unfortunately this is not true, he is still posting on the forum, he is threatening people and still trying to control everything) we now have homophobic copycat groups running wild trampling our reputation and you have set up a blog about 'the real Matt O'Connor' to keep everyone informed with the latest updates 'about Matt' - what are you going to write about - Matt's ice cream cones?  (When I mentioned the damage done to F4J to him on the phone, he said "he knew what he was doing, it was all part of his plan and only he knew the big picture and that son of F4J would be much bigger and better than anything the world had ever seen."  He went on to say that 'it' would be announced in early October,)

And this from a man who begged Matt for a signed copy of his book just weeks ago. (I wonder how anyone would know that Matt had given me a book unless this was written or dictated by him?  I DO NOT beg anyone for anything.  Matt kindly offered me a copy of his book and I asked him if he would sign it.  Nick langford was there as a witness to this)

Organisations have rules to keep things from descending into chaos and anarchy which is exactly what we have witnessed  with you (now I am an anarchist?) and with the copycat groups.

The only reason for the forum's continuing existence is to provide help to genuine people who need real help until this transitional period is over and the new organisation is up and running. 

At that point I doubt you'd see Matt O'Connor for dust ever again given the way you and others have treated the man and his family for doing more than anyone else has done in thirty years.

Your children will be very proud of you and the homophobics for trashing the F4J name and the man behind it as well as taking fathers rights so far backwards we will need a telescope to see you.

(I am not homophobic, I have had nothing to do with any copycat groups, except that in the hours after Matt folded F4J I tried to stop copycat groups forming.  As for trashing the good name of F4J, he deliberately did that all by himself)