Sunday, 7 September 2008

Email 2 from Tim to Matt over closure of F4J

Hi Matt, 

I respect your decision, but it doesn’t mean I like it.  When people like me joined F4J and paid our subscription for a year there was nothing on the website to suggest that F4J was not in this for the long haul and certainly nothing there to dissuade us from paying our £30 subscription or from buying merchandise either. 

Clearly I would have put the little money I have to better use if I had known even a hint of what was going on. 

I now have a banner which cost nearly £200 (which I was intending to use again), which is now useless because I was told the fathers-4-justice web address had to be on it,  I have 2 tee-shirts which are also useless and a £30 subscription for something which is closed  down at the drop of a hat.  That pisses me off and I don’t expect I am the only one. I know you will understand where I am coming from here. 

You say there is no going back.  Do you really mean that? 

If you had really planned this – then you would have talked to people first so that the transition would have minimised the infighting that has already started.  That sort of bullshit is only damaging to the cause we are all fighting for and the most important thing (in my book) our credibility.  I can already see any number of press releases next week all saying different things and just making us all look stupid and uncoordinated (which actually is true). 

I accept the reality of what you have done, because I have no choice and yes I agree we need a meeting ASAP – I just wish we had had it BEFORE this broke. 

Sorry if I seem frustrated, but that’s because I am.  It just seems to me that after giving so selflessly for so long you are now being a little selfish and I have to say I don’t really understand why.  Don’t take offence, because none is intended.  Perhaps you can help me understand better when we meet next week. 

Best regards,